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Derek Chervenak
A little about myself

Ever since I was little, my dad would take me to work with him on weekends or when I was off from school. I would climb into his van and accompany him to Channel Lumber or Rickels after dinner to pick up supplies, and ice cream. I remember trying to keep up with him in the store as I looked at all the shelves filled with tools, hardware, and lumber. He always included me in what he was doing, and from that, I learned so much.

My dad was a proud Korean War Veteran who owned his own exhibit business, Third Dimensions Inc. As a child, I spent countless hours watching and helping him in his shop. I loved everything about his work — the tools, the smell of sawdust, silk screening signs, and the creative process of building something. I saw how proud he was of a finished project. It gave me a new-found admiration and respect for blue-collar work and the craftsmanship of home remodeling.

I worked in various fields throughout my life, attended music school and was a pastry chef for about 15 years, even worked in Japan for a little while, but I always found myself coming back to carpentry and home remodeling. I spent some years working for other contractors providing home renovations, bathrooms, kitchens, and tile work. Eventually, I decided to work for myself and have my own business and be the company I would want to hire for my own home.

In Front of Third Dimensions Inc.

Notably, my wife and I are Beatles fans. In 2014, we took a dream vacation to England and visited Liverpool and the Abbey Road Studios in London. That's us crossing the famous street! The Beatles have a song on Abbey Road called "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and from that song came the inspiration for Silver Hammer Handyman.

Derek and Wife The Beatles Drumset

Moving to Mount Olive Township has changed my life. Getting to know this area of NJ and the people in it has made my job so much sweeter. I have spent the last two years building my business in a new area where nobody knew me, and now have a long list of references and referrals. From extensive home remodeling to the small repairs, I am grateful for all my customers. I have performed several small jobs for seniors and helped widows maintain the home their husbands’ spent their lives building up. Helping a widow clean out her husband’s garage or shed is such a personal experience, and I am blessed to be part of that for them.

Derek, The Silver Hammer Handyman

My wife and I love driving around the beautiful roads of Morris, Warren, and Sussex Counties, we even got our boating license last year. I am so grateful that my dad saw these last two years and shared in building my company. I always told him about my customers, the jobs I was working on, and the new tools that I bought. That’s what I’ll miss a lot. Because of him and what he taught me, I get to serve all of you.

Derek and His Father
3/27/1932 - 12/13/2017