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Stellar Home Renovations in Flanders, NJ

The most effective way to make your home truly your own is to shape the space into one of your design. A place that aligns with your fashion sense and taste is a place you can find comfort, and you will be proud to share with friends and family. Once you decide to upgrade your residence, call upon Silver Hammer Handyman for home renovations in Flanders, NJ.

Adding New Life to the Heart of Your Home

Some areas of your home have much higher prominence than others by being essential to day-to-day living. These are the spots where you spend plenty of time with family, and when your mind turns to fond memories of home, they often drift to these areas.

The kitchen is a good example as shared meals and parties give it a place of high esteem. However, these rooms also become dated over time, and due to their high level of use, show the effects to wear more readily. A kitchen remodeling project is the way to infuse new life and vitality into that part of your home. I can renew your kitchen with design features like crown moldings, painted cabinets, backsplashes, and new flooring, for example. Trust me to transform your kitchen dramatically.

Making the Most of the Space

Space is at a premium in any residence, so it’s wise to make the most of all the square footage you have available. A basement is an example. It can be a damp prison for old boxes and the refuge of a discarded couch, or it can be a bright and comfortable area for your family to enjoy. For the latter, take advantage of the basement remodeling services offered by Silver Hammer Handyman.

An upgraded basement can include a home theater, games room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, or any combination of features that you wish. Truly, the only limit is your imagination. I’ve completed several successful remodeling projects where I’ve worked closely with the homeowner to bring life to the space while matching their vision.

Bright and Airy

In some homes, the bathroom seems to be an afterthought or an embarrassment. It stands as a cramped and dimly-lit place which can benefit completely from professional attention. When you entrust me with your bathroom remodeling project, you will soon have a room which is bright, airy, modern, and refreshing.

No matter what you rely on Silver Hammer Handyman for, be assured it’s delivered with passion and pride in a job well done.

Contact me for a free estimate or to book a home renovation project. I proudly serve clients across Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties in New Jersey.